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Chimney Repair Atlanta

Our company has repaired hundreds, if not thousands, of tilting, falling and leaning chimneys throughout the Atlanta area. With over 80 years of experience, we have the expert knowledge of various construction methods and masonry skills to properly complete structural chimney repair projects. Our chimney repair and chimney restoration experts can get almost any chimney to once again be straight, properly aligned against your home or building, and eliminate immediate threats of your chimney falling.

Leaning, Tilting and Falling Chimneys Are Dangerous

Some chimneys in Atlanta are metal pipes surrounded by wood framing and enclosed with siding, and others are true masonry chimneys made with brick or natural stone. Masonry chimneys, whether brick or stone, require a solid footing on which to rest. When the footing or chimney foundation sinks or tilts it causes the chimney itself to follow. A chimney foudation that is sinking may cause only a small crack at the base of the footing. The angle degree of tilting telegraphs upwards, meaning that a small crack at the foundation level may result in the upper part of a leaning chimney being six inches to a foot away from your home. In this case, the massive weight of the leaning chimney is now exerting tremendous force on the footing and causing it to continually lean further away. If you fail to take hire someone to do professional chimney foundation work and repairs to the cracked or loose bricks or stones, you can lose your entire chimney. Additionally, a falling chimney can kill people or pets and damage any itmes where it may fall. Your insurance company may work with you on a homeowners claim to fix the problem before the chimney falls and requires expensive restoration or replacement costs.


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All Masonry Repair

is a 3rd generation family owned and operated masonry business. All estimates and most of the work is done by the owner, not to include any sub-contracting work. Services offered include building and repairing brick, stone, block, stucco, and other masonry structures on homes. We specialize in restoration and repair but also build retaining walls, patios, walkways, outdoor fireplaces, concrete chimney caps and masonry mailboxes, as well as reface interior fireplaces, rebuild wood burning fireplace, and repair deteriorated brick. We also build and repair steps and masonry porches.

All Masonry is dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship at each job performed for the customer. As Skip states, “Customer satisfaction is our goal. Pride is taken in the work that is performed, and it is done right the first time. Our quality workmanship reflects on our reputation, which is a valuable asset.” All Masonry appreciates the opportunity to provide masonry services for each customer, and is fully licensed and insured.


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